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beyond gorgeous, your artistry never ceases to amaze me.

your processing is nothing short of amazing!!

Gina, I always love everything you do. You're such an artist. Beautiful light, texture and of course, subject.

Thanks you guys! <3

oh wow. so inspiring. so gorgeous. i need to add a little more of this into my repertoire!

True fine art, Gina. You are a true artist. I'm thrilled that you're a part of this group. You push me to be better.

The richness of this palette is so striking!! I too love the tilt shift! So beautiful Gina!! I especially like the composition of the second!

i love the way you see and feel gina! i'm so glad that you are part of this group! these images are amazing! i wish i could be brave in my use of color. you pull it off flawlessly. you have always been so inspiring. xo


Gina these are gorgeous! Rich and atmospheric without going dark and moody. I love what you have done! Now I want a tilt shift too!

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